Just add our bot to your Telegram group and it will start gathering information immediately. We combine the speed and simplicity of messengers with the power of web-based technologies so you can manage your community in the most intuitive and efficient way.


We help you to know your community better. Discover core members, see your daily chat activity, keep an eye on audience growth and engagement rate. Metrics and visualization are essential for community management and we do it the way it's meant to be done.


Empower your community in different ways: personal user statistics, achievements for chats and other tools which help you to engage your chat members.


All public supergroups are participating in special chat rating which is based on their daily activity. Spread the word about your community and easily attract new members.

your key metrics

Bring your most important community metrics out from your chat and get them in front of you.


@combot works perfectly on both mobile and desktop. It allows you to access all the information no matter where you are: on the go, in bed, or even in Vault 13.


Understand your data at a glance. Always get the latest numbers that impact your community.



We are experienced in community management so we know about the power of feedback. We love our users and listen to their feedback and suggestions.


Users concerned about privacy can hide themselves from statistics, appearing as "hidden users" with default avatars which effectively depersonalizes them. We don't use any gathered data for purposes beyond the analytics.

Our Team

We are few but we are mighty.


The guy who codes like a boss.


Head of Russia and CIS Community management association. Seven years of managing almost each and every type of community possible. Evangelist of Collabio Office platform. Redhead (not natural though).

Telegram Community

Our beloved helpers from all across the world: Brazil, France, Italy, Ukraine, Turkey and many other countries. We are really excited about their help and participation

What our users say

As we've mentioned, we gather all the feedback.

"Hello, Do you think you could add word count (I use it as an educational tool and it would be immensely useful to me)? Thanks anyway for this GREAT bot!"

"Thanks! Btw your bot is one of the best in Telegram. Awesome Job! "

"Sounds very interesting project!
I wish you the best :P"
From erm... Well, English is not his native language. Not ours too though.


Use @combot, subscribe to our channel on Telegram, send us your suggestions and feedback. You're always welcome!

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